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Adam Grant


Think Again by Adam Grant was a phenomenal read. There is so much enlightenment to be had within the bindings of this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who sometimes questions why we think the way that we do.

From this book, I picked up a series of six ideas and goals that I want to utilize daily. These tactics are chosen in order to develop myself in ways that I think I can improve on as well as to help shape my image to being more well-rounded to not only the people I interact with daily but also anyone who I cross paths with.

Think like a scientist. The mentality of a scientist is that of someone who cannot easily be swayed by any statement that anyone makes. It is always important to seek things out on your own. Find or develop data that backs the claim. Think for yourself and allow others to do the same.

Seek information that goes against your views. Keeping your head outside of your own local biosphere allows you to see what different mentalities others can face from a set circumstance. It is important to understand why people think the way that they do. Knowing this can you help to understand what matters to them and how to respect their opinions given that they are grounded in fact and are not prejudiced.

Embrace the joy of being wrong. Being wrong is the easiest way to learn. Sticking your head out somewhere where you may feel uncomfortable grants you the opportunity to understand better and how to develop stronger. I love being wrong, as it means I tried something new. Every time I fail, I get one step closer to my goal.

Build a challenge network. It is vital that people are challenged. The very task of being challenged forces someone to understand why they think a certain way, what influenced their decisions, and even see if they truly believe what they are saying. In design, being challenged on my work allows me to build a stronger case for why I made my decisions. Being nitpicked about every minute detail forces perfection to exist in every facet.

Disagreements are a dance, not a battle. If every disagreement is seen as a battle, there will never be change. The confrontation will always devolve to name calling and personal attacks, making the problem at hand not even be discussed. Staying on topic is essential for understanding each other’s beliefs. You have to let your ego down, be prepared to be wrong, and listen with the intent to learn.

Rethink your actions, not just your surroundings. People often attribute their lack of enthusiasm and determination to the repetitiveness of their habitats. While being stationary all the time is not good for your mentality, assuming that this is the sole purpose for the low motivation is sometimes wrong. Simply changing where you live or work will not create a lasting effect on your esteem. It takes a significant change from within to improve your happiness and pleasure.

Think Again was a wonderful and easy read that I greatly enjoyed and learned from. If you are ever struggling with your own opinions or your lifestyle, it can only help to get to understand why you are feeling the way you are. This book is a wonderful tool for understanding your true self.`

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