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Congaree National Park is a very humble park. It is one of the smallest parks in the country in area, and its content is not the most exhilarating. I visited Congaree in July of 2021 with my girlfriend, Nicole. Upon arrival after the six hour drive, we took a walk around the boardwalk before setting up camp. Along this boardwalk is an incredible variety of nature, with an abundance of scarily large, yet beautiful spiders. They are everywhere. While it may not be invigorating, the content is still very fulfilling, as that is what I expect out of nature. I love getting to cut back on my electronic usage to feel truly immersed in the local ecosystem, and Congaree was a great place to accomplish that. That being said, going during summer was a rough idea. My eagerness to visit this park and go camping at a national park was an eye opening experience to the respect you must put forward to nature, as the temperature and humidity both hovered around 90 all night long. Congaree taught me many lessons, but it simultaneously opened my heart to have dreams of experiencing every kind of nature that the US has to offer.

Rating: 6/10

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